Company G, 42nd Mississippi Infantry

This Roster was transcribed from the Works Progress Administration Source Documents for Calhoun County. Please send any biographical information about these men to:

Miscellaneous information not found in the W.P.A. Source Documents

Additional information contained in individual Service Records has been provided by Mr. Rod Hardin. Information surrounded by brackets "[ ]" was provided by Mr. Hardin.

Gaston Rifles (Chickasaw) - Calhoun County

Adams, Harrison P.

Adams, Jefferson J.

Adams, Sydney W.

Alexander, Nelson

Anderson, Thomas J.

Arnold, Nimrod

Bailey, Robt.

Barker, James O.

Batchelor, James M.

Bentley, Charles G., Sergeant

Berry, Thomas L.

Blunt, Granberry B.

Bowen, J.D.

Boyd, Thomas J.

Bryant, John E.

Bullock, James

Burns, James J. [Identified as James M. Burns in Service Record]

Burson, Milton A.

Chrozier, John M.

Clark, John

Cook, Henry N.

Cortwright, George

Crutchfield, Abraham

Crutchfield, Cain

Crutchfield, Manning

Crutchfield, W.S.

Davis, Washington

Dunkin, Henry

Dunkin, John

Dunkin, Pearson

Dye, Jerry

Easley, John M.

Embry, William B.

Estes, Elisha

Few, Andrew J.

Fielders, Stephen M.

Fox, J.T.

Fry, Thomas J.

Gaston, James M., Captain

Gillespie, William S.

Griffin, Dempsey

Griffin, Hezekiah

Griffin, Ira M.

Griffin, James M.

Griffin, Riley T. (NOTE: On the WPA film this name is spelled FRIFFIN)

Griffin, Wiley N.

Hamley, Andrew [Identified as Andrew J. Hamby in Service Record]

Hamilton, James P.

Hamilton, Milton B.

Hardin, Carroll

Hardin, Jacob T.

Hardin, John W.

Hardy, Collins

Hardy, Edward J. [Identified as Edward D. Hardy in Service Record]

Hardy, Thomas H.

Hardy, William H.

Harley, J.M., Sergeant

Harrelson, Irodel G.

Harrelson, James M.

Harrelson, Levi W.

Harris, Abel

Hitchcock, John T.

Hollingsworth, William

Kea, Arthur A.

Kea, Ephrim A.

Kea, James A.

Killingsworth, William J.

King, John R.

Landreth, Alfred

Lee, Cullen, 2nd Lieutenant

Lee, David A.P.

Long, Isaac J.

McCreight, William G.

McKee, Levi

Moore, Bazzell H.

Moore, Gary

Moore, William

Moorman, James D.

Mounger, John C.

Munn, Daniel R.

Murff, George W.

Parker, Aquiller

Parker, Elijah

Patterson, Jos. R., 1st Lieutenant

Patterson, Sam. J., Corporal

Phillips, John S.

Pryor, James T.

Roberts, John C.

Ruth, Starling D.

Sims, Edward R.

Sims, Isaac E.

Sims, Isaac G.

Sims, James M.

Slaughter, W.T.

Smith, Thomas R., Captain

Shaw, John W.

Sheffield, A.D.

Shook, Noah, Sergeant

Shook, Solomon, Sergeant

Spencer, Henry H.

Spencer, John M., 2nd Lieutenant

Streeter, Ed. C.

Streeter, Francis M.

Stringfellow, Ed. S.

Stroup, Alberry [Identified as Albert Stroup in Service Record]

Taylor, William C.

Terry, Mathew

Thompson, Pleasant F., Sergeant

Truack, R.

Thurman, Mason R. [Identified as Mason P. Turman in Service Record]

Vanlandingham, James D., Sergeant

Vanlandingham, Moses E.

Walker, Hardin C.

Ward, Thomas T.

Weeks, Alonzo L.

Weeks, Austin

Weeks, John P.

Williard, Green B.

Winter, Francis M.

Winter, John M.

Winter, Josiah

Winter, Lewis M.

Winter, Tilman [Identified as Tilman H. Winter in Service Record]