Captain Toomer's Co. Local Defense

The "Chunchula Guards" were enlisted August 15, 1863 for "the War". The company was reorganized August 8, 1864 with men of conscript age and renamed Company G, 4th Alabama Reserves.

Muster - August 15, 1863 to April 16, 1864:

March 1864 - Arrested & delivered over to Major W.M. Stone in Mobile one deserter and ten conscripts.

April 1864 - The company in force proceeded west of the Mobile and Ohio railroad and scoured eight mile and big creek swamps for some twenty five miles for deserters. We visited the families of some twelve notorious characters (deserters). Their families & themselves are leagued together with others & have regular signals to warn of danger & the swamps being so dense that a few minutes warning gives them a secret hiding place. They might be caught with good trained dogs which we are trying to obtain.

Bailey, David

Bailey, M., Sergeant

Byrd, Lemuel

Byrd, Robert

Cannon, C.C., Corporal

Cannon, C.V.

Cato, Alexander

Chieune(?), E., Corporal

Crawford, William

Daugherty, John

Davis, D.

Deas, Hapson

Donovan, O.C., 3rd Lieutenant

Duckett, James

Durnee, E.S.

Fulton, Wesley

Gallup, Benjamin, Corporal

George, C.R.

George, Joseph

George, Joseph, Jr.

George, J.W.

George, R.T.

George, Trexis

George, Wesley

Goff, George W.

Griffin, A.M.

Griffin, John P., Sergeant

Hattenstein, Simon

Hawthorn, Keder

Halverson, Phillip

Holland, J.F., 1st Lieutenant

Howard, Frank

Howard, Hezekiah

Howard, Wiley

Howell, Phillip M.

Johnson, C.B.

Jones, Edward L.

Kelly, George P., Corporal

Kelly, John H.

Kennedy, David

Kennedy, John, Sergeant

Kennedy, Jonathan

Kupfrian, Conrad

Lambert, Nathan

Lambert, William

Langdon, C.C.

Lewis, Isaac

Lewis, John C., 2nd Lieutenant

Lewis, Stephen M.

Lewis, William

Lewis, W.S.

Magee, Jacob

Malone, Alex

Malone, Andrew

Malone, Griffin

Mason, John, Sergeant

Miller, H.M.

Miller, Lewis

Mims, H.B.

Mizelle, R.

Moffat, Robert D., 1st Sergeant

Moffat, William D.

Nigle, J.G.

Parnell, Isaiah

Payne, John

Powers, Paul, Jr.

Pringle, A.B.

Reaside, John

Richards, H.C.

Richardson, H.B.

Roach, J.M.

Robertson, N.

Russell, J.F.

Russell, W.J.F.

Schmitz, Anthy. R.

Sims, Berry

Smith, Alexander

Stewart, G.N.

Still, W.B.

Stringfellow, Joseph

Taylor, W.H.

Toomer, Benjamin, Captain

Toomer, W.H.

Turner, Right

Waltze, David

Weathers, William

Weaver, C.M.

Weissinger, J.W.

Weissinger, Wesley

White, John M.

White, J.W.M.

Wilkerson, ?

Williams, E.A.

Williams, J.E.

Williams, J.M.

Williams, John

Williams, Jonathan C.

Williams, Vincent

Yonge, George C.C.

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