Aby, S.H., age 49 (1864), Copiah Co., exempt, Deputy Sheriff

Alford, Sherod, detailed to shot factory of Hale & Small, Bankston, Miss.

Allen, G.T., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Allen, R.P., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Attley, Lee, charges and specifications against him - burglary

Ayres, R.J., age 44, medically unfit for field service

Baber, B.G., Hinds Co., Miss., detailed to Dr. Potts, medical purveyer

Baggett, N.

Bahm, Pierce H., born 3 Nov., 1816 in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana, farmer

Baird, William Logan, Claiborne Co., Miss, age 37 (1864), born in Allegheny Co., Penn.

Baley, A.L.

Barber, J.J., clerk

Barnes, J.M, Copiah Co., Miss.

Barrett, Q.C.

Battaile, F.W., Co. C, 41st Mississippi Infantry Regt.

Bean, M.G.

Beauchamp, D.C., Leake Co., Miss.

Belcher, B.B

Bennett, Stephen, age 21 (1864), Lauderdale Co., Miss., born in Pickens Co., Ala., discharged for disability 11 November 1864

Benton, Philip, arrested 10 September 1863

Berry, Harmon, born in Choctaw Co., Miss., farmer

Bird, J.M.

Bissinger, Henry, Pontotoc Co., Miss., age 46

Blackstock, D.N., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Boggan, H.H.W., Captain of unassigned cavalry company, resigned 10 April 1864

Bowers, Alex, Yalobusha Co., Miss., age 45 (1864), farmer, discharged for disability

Brewer, W.T.

Brinkley, William H., age 30 (1862), born in Jasper Co., Miss.

Brock, J.E., Monroe Co., Miss.

Brooks, Thomas J., discharged for disability

Brow, C.W.

Buckingham, S.C.,Jr., Monroe Co., Miss., age 19 (1864), farmer

Bughman, W.

Burdge, Benj. H.

Burnes, Charles

Cader, James F., discharged 18 July 1863

Carr, William, discharged 2 January 1864, grounds "equity, justice, and necessity"

Champenois, J., age 46 (1864), Clarke Co., Miss., born in Alabama, merchant

Childress, J.B., age 27 (1865), Memphis, Tenn.

Chrisman, A.S., cattle driver

Clark, T.R.

Cook, Arch J., born Montgomery Co., Alabama

Cook, T.J.

Cooper, R.D., Oktibbeha Co., Miss.

Cox, Alfred, miller

Crane, A.J., age 37 (1864), planter, born in Monroe Co, Alabama

Crawford, W.H.

Crompton, W.H., engineer

Cunningham, J.E., clerk, age 31 (1864), Lowndes Co., Miss.

Danirl, R.P., medical supply courier

Darby, James F., Calhoun Co., Miss., age 35 (1863), born in Newberry District, S.C., carpenter

Davis, Jas. M., age 21 (1862)

Davis, R.M., Smith Co., Miss.

Deason, J.E., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Delk, E.A., Lauderdale Co., Miss.

Denson, T.S., Scott Co., Miss., age 38 (1864), born in Alabama

Deupree (Dupree), George P., detailed to Artesia Branch of the M&O Railroad as passport inspector

Dickens, E., Covington Co., Miss.

Dismukes, Elisha

Divine, D.

Douglas, George W., discharged 2 November 1863, born in Copiah Co., Miss., farmer

Doty, L.H.

Dunn, A.G.

Edmonson, James H.

Fallon, M.B., Company B, 4th Mississippi Infantry Regt.

Farrish, B.F.

Fleshman, Simeon C., Wilkinson Co., Miss., plantation owner

Fletcher, F.A.

Franklin, Alfred, discharged 13 November 1863, Noxubee Co., Miss., born in Chester District, S.C., age 38

Furr, R.P.

Gary, C.F., Clarke Co., Miss., born in Butler Co., Alabama, age 38 (1863), farmer

Gaston, J.J.

George, James F., son of John F. George, died 30 October 1862 in Jackson, Miss. of typhoid fever, born in Winston Co., Miss., age 19, farmer, no wife or child

George, William C., Leake Co., Miss., born in Shelby Co., Alabama, age 30 (1862), farmer

Gibson, J.D.

Glenn, Don G.

Golliday, Robert H., Yalobusha Co., Miss., age 41 (1865)

Goolsby, F.H., Lowndes Co., Miss.

Gordon, A.H.

Gourlay, John, age 37 (1864)

Graham, R.B., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Gray, J.W., age 30 (1864)

Greer, H.C., Neshoba Co., Miss.

Gresham, R.A., age 35 (1864)

Haldane, John G., Marshall Co., Miss., born in Firth, Scotland, carpenter

Hall, J.W., Yalobusha Co., Miss., miller

Hall, M.G.

Hamblin, J.C., Madison Co., Miss, age 31 (1863), clerk

Hamilton, Alex, Lowndes Co., Miss., "Sander's Scouts"

Harkins, Pat, arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Hartin, J.A.

Harvey, Ralph, Carroll Co., Miss., age 47 (1864), farmer

Harwood, William

Hastings, Robert, Holly Springs, Miss.

Hattaway, Amos, Newton Co., Miss., born in Georgia, age 30 (1864)

Hayes, James P., Clarke Co., Miss.

Heard, J.A., age 42 (1864)

Hewes, Jacob, Hinds Co., Miss.

Hildren, Ben, Copiah Co., Miss.

Hill, J.W., Marshall Co., Miss., age 44 (1864)

Hill, T.L., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Hiller, J.C., age 40

Hillery, J.C.

Hinton, Berkley, died 10 December 1862

Holden, G.W., Clarke Co., Miss.

Holmes, J., Rankin Co., Miss.

Holyfield, John N.

Hood, William, Hazlehurst, Miss.

Hopper, William, Itawamba Co., Miss.

Horn, J.B., Madison Co., Miss.

Hortin, P.A.

Horton, F.A., Raymond, Miss.

Howell, F.M., Clarke Co., Miss., born in Alabama, age 23 (1864)

Hummel, C.F.

Humphrey, M.C.

Hutchins, W.A.

Hyams, H.P., age 35 (1864), Hinds Co., Miss., born in S.C.

Inman, B.R.

James, D.D.

Jenks, George W., Adams Co., Miss., age 31 (1863), born in Virginia

Johnson, L.D., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Johnson, W.H., Kemper Co., Miss.

Johnson, W.M.

Jones, Andrew, Newton Co., Miss.

Jones, Henry L., Copiah Co., Miss.

Jones, W.P., Hinds Co., Miss.

Jordin, A., Desoto Co., Miss.

Joslin, James, R.P., Panola Co., Miss., age 17, took Oath of Allegiance 7 July 1864

Kalb, J.E.

Keene, Charles, age 23 (1864)

Kelley, Middleton, Claiborne Co., Miss., released on oath 29 November 1863 and sent north. paroled as P.O.W. 19 May 1865.

Kelley, William, Simpson Co., Miss.

Kellog, C.S., Wilkinson Co., Miss.

Kellum, William, deserted and took Oath of Allegiance 14 November 1863

Kelly, David, died 29 November 1862

Kemp, E.F., Lowndes Co., Miss.

Kemp, John, Oxford, Miss.

Kendall, G.W., Hinds Co., Miss.

Kennedy, S.D.

Kennedy, W.W., age 47 (1864)

Kern, John T., Co. K, 13th Mississippi Infantry Regt., Hinds Co., Miss.

Keyser, J.H., Yalobusha Co., Miss.

Kidd, W.H., Chickasaw Co., Miss.

Knight, J.M., Scott Co., Miss.

King, R.M., Waynesboro, Miss.

King, William B., age 27 (1862), born in Georgia

Kirksey, Cicero L., father applied for his release because he was under the age of 16

Kittrell, A., State Line, Miss.

Kittrell, J.C., Grenada, Miss.

Klarenaar, Charles H.

Kyle, R.M., Panola Co., Miss./Hazlehurst, Copiah Co., Miss.

Lake, Levin, Grenada, Miss.

Lammey, John, Louisville, Miss.

Langford, D.C.

LaNone, George C., Winston Co., Miss., age 38 (1864)

Lee, I.R., Lauderdale Co., Miss.

Lester, Benjamin R.

Lewis, Martin

Lindsley, Allen S., age 43 (1865), discharged 27 January 1865. Had been shot in the groin, head, right leg, right foot, and left arm. Born in White Co., Tenn.

Loftin, Thomas, alleged deserter from "Washington Guards" Local Defense Company & joined Federal forces.

Lomax, Tillman, Holmes Co., Miss., age 44 (1863), farmer

Lovejoy, A.H., age 30 (1865)

Lyles, J.T., age 40 (1864), born in Trapp Co., Georgia

Mader, J.W., age 31 (1864), Lowndes Co., Miss.

Marshall, Alfred F.

Martin, H.M., Newton Co., Miss.

Martin, Isaac N., West Point, Miss.

Marx, Moses, Copiah Co., Miss.

Mason, C., Lafayette Co., Miss.

Massengale, J.W., Noxubee Co., Miss.

Massey, James, Banner, Calhoun Co., Miss.

Massingale, M.J., Copiah Co., Miss.

Matthews, J.W., age 25 (1864), Newton Co., Miss.

May, Edward Matthew, age 28 (1862), Pike Co., Miss.

May, Thomas, Neshoba Co., Miss.

McBride, D., Mt. Olive, Simpson Co., Miss.

McBrown, J.J., Tippah Co., Miss. age 21, took Oath of Allegiance 7 April 1865

McAllister, P.A.

McAllister, T.M.

McAndless, William H., age 19 (1862), Marion Co., Miss., farmer

McCaughen, J.J., Smith Co., Miss.

McCormack, S.J., Torrence Depot, Miss.

McCraw, E., Marion, Miss.

McCrea, James

McDill, T.A., Newton Co., Miss., age 37 (1864), born in S.C.

McDowel, W.F., Amite Co., Miss.

McFarland, A.J., Beach Springs, Miss.

McFatter, W.A., Claiborne Co., Miss.

McGee, Ransom, Pike Co., Miss.

McGee, S.D., Winston Co., Miss.

McGehee, A., age 41 (1864), Bolivar Co., Miss., born in N.C., farmer

McGhee, W.D., Verona, Miss.

McGowan, A., Scott Co., Miss., age 31 (1864), born in Georgia

McGowan, J.I., Enterprise, Miss.

McGowan, W.R., Hinds Co., Miss.

McGraw, J.P., age 30 (1865), Winston Co., Miss., Company E, 5th Mississippi Infantry Regt.

McGuire, H.C., Siloam, Miss.

McInis, J., Covington Co., Miss.

McIntosh, W.L., Newton Co., Miss.

McKee, Benj. C., age 21 (1862), born in Marshall Co., Miss.

McKnight, William L.

McLaren, L., Claiborne Co., Miss.

McLeod, J.N., Panola Co., Miss.

McMellun, A., Enterprise, Miss.

McMillan, R.C., Houston, Miss.

McNamee, J.P., Calhoun Co., Miss.

McPherson, J.E., Jefferson Co., Miss.

McSwain, A., Perry Co., Miss.

McSwine, W., Yalobusha Co., Miss.

McWhorter, R.B., Chickasaw Co., Miss.

Meade, D.K., Holmes Co., Miss.

Merchant, J., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Miller, Benjamin, Okolona, Miss.

Miller, Cornelius, age 49

Miller, J. Fred., Tuskahoma, Miss.

Miller, John B., age 43, Columbus, Miss.

Miller, M.V.B.

Miller, W.D., Panola Co., Miss.

Miller, W.H., Madison Co., Miss.

Mills, J.H., age 22 (1864), Pike Co., Miss.

Mitchell, Isaac A., age 21 (1864), Noxubee Co., Miss.

Mobley, M.R., age 42 (1865)

Moody, W.M., Cuba Station, Miss., recommended for position of manager for Gang A, Force #1, Engineer's Office.

Mooney, R.M., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Moore, W.J., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Morrison, W.J., age 31

Moss, James, arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Mulkey, Wm. T.F., age 41 (1863), Adams Co. and Franklin Co., Miss., farmer

Munger, Sylvester C., age 29 (1864), Columbus, Miss.

Murray, John W., Newton Co., Miss., Board of Police

Nail, W.E., age 38 (1865)

Nathan, Sam, age 47 (1865)

Nichols, W.B., Madison Co., Miss., age 34 (1863), born in Simpson Co., Miss., farmer

Nicholson, A.L., Neshoba Co., Miss.

Norman, S.D.

Norwood, J.L.

O'Leary, C., age 29 (1864), born in Ireland

Owen, B.L., age 35 (1864)

Owens, Durant, age 28 (1864)

Padget, T.M., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Pannelle, Luke, age 27 (1861), born in Greenup Co., Kentucky

Parish, W.B., age 35 (1865)

Parker, A.J.

Parker, J.L.

Parker, J.R.

Parker, M.D., age 31 (1864)

Patton, W.L., age 42 (1865)

Peale, J.A., Warren Co., Miss., age 35 (1864)

Phillips, Wm. H.

Phipps, N.B.

Pointer, Monroe

Porter, W.G., age 31 (1865)

Portis, C.D., age 40 (1865)

Pressly, T.T., arrested in Leake Co., Miss.

Preston, Abel

Preston, T.B., Newton Co., Miss., age 19 (1864), born in Ireland, farmer

Price, Isaac J.

Puckett, James D., age 34 (1862), born in Rankin Co., Miss., farmer

Puckett, William H., Noxubee Co., Miss.

Purond, Cullins

Race, G.W.

Ramsey, A.W., relegraph operator, paroled as a P.O.W. 4 June 1863

Rarishide, John H.

Rawlins, J.M.

Reed, Jesse, age 46 (1864), Carroll Co, Miss., born in Greene Co., Alabama, farmer

Reckard, Andrew J., age 31 (1864), Hinds Co., Miss., born in Georgia, farmer

Reily, Wesley

Rencher, C.R., age 34 (1864), Clarke Co., Miss., born in N.C., dentist

Richards, J.M., age 43 (1865), Madison Co., Miss.

Richardson, W.R., age 37 (1864), Lauderdale Co., Miss., wheelwright

Ricks, Edwards, citizen of Osyka, Louisiana, petition to Confederate Government by citizens to allow him to remain at home

Ridgeway, D.A., age 45 (1864), Panola Co., Miss.

Robertson, J.J.

Roberson, Josiah, Carroll Co., Miss., age 33 (1863), born in Tennessee, blacksmith

Rogers, Osborn

Russell, R.L., Chickasaw Co., Miss.

Ryan, A.H., age 27 (1864), Clarke Co., Miss., born in Florida, blacksmith

Sample, J.B., age 33 (1864)

Sample O.P., age 41 (1862)

Sanders, John W.

Sarter, Reuben, died 14 December 1862

Schumput, T.D., Siloam, Miss.

Scott, S.P., age 30, provided a substitute and was later ordered to report to Enterprise, Miss. At Enterprise, he left a Negro (Thornton, age 28) and a mule as security. S.P. Scott died on returning home.

Scurr, W.B., Yalobusha Co., Miss., age 23 (1864)

Semmes, F.C., age 41 (1864), Lauderdale Co., Miss., born in Georgia

Simmons, Thomas, Lauderdale, Miss.

Slaughter, E., Panola Co., Miss.

Smith, G.H., age 27 (1864), Clarke Co., Miss., born in S.C., shoemaker

Smith, I.L.

Smith, J.N.

Smith, Lewis, Yalobusha Co., Miss.

Smith, R.F.

Speed, J.M., age 21 (1864)

Spikes, E.S., Vernal, Greene Co., Miss.

Stagg, J.M., age 46 (1864), Sexton and undertaker

Stam, Henry J., Yazoo Co., Miss.

Standard, S.J., Pike Co., Miss.

Stephens, Joseph W., age 34 (1862), born in Montgomery Co., Miss.

Stephens, W.C., Winston Co., Miss., age 45 (1863), born in Greene Co., Alabama

Stevenson, John T., Grenada, Miss.

Stewart, A.C., Kemper Co., Miss.

Stewart, H.P., age 27 (1864), Newton Co., Miss.

Stewart, John T., Hazlehurst, Miss.

Stewart, Redding P., age 26 (1863), born in Pickens Co., Alabama, blacksmith

Stone, Henry

Stuckey, Wright, age 35 (1864)

Sullivan, A.A., Choctaw Co., Miss.

Sullivan, Giles, Vicksburg, Miss.

Sullivan John E., age 26 (1865), Panola Co., Miss.

Sutton, W.C., age 33 (1864), Madison Co., Miss., born in N.C.

Taylor, A.

Taylor, J.N.

Temple, L.W., Carroll Co., Miss., age 24 (1864), merchant

Thigpen, S.I., Hinds Co., Miss.

Thornton, T.S., Smith Co., Miss.

Threefoot, A., age 41 (1864)

Tierney, Thomas, Lawrence Co., Miss.

Tillman, J.E., captured 7 August 1863

Timberlake, Henry C., age 37, Columbus, Miss.

Tolle, J.C., Adams Co., Miss.

Towns, W.B., Yalobusha, Co., Miss.

Towson, Daniel J., charged with burglary

Tyler, A.R., age 47 (1864)

Upshur, L., Carrollton, Miss.

VanHoover, R., Lafayette Co., Miss.

Vaught, James T., Winston Co., Miss.

Vincent, B.F., Kemper Co., Miss.

Waldrip, Thomas W., Jr., age 21 (1863), Panola Co., Miss., born in Lauderdale Co., Alabama, farmer

Walker, W.H., Lauderdale Co., Miss., age 45 (1864), born in New Hanover Co., N.C., farmer

Wall, W.W., Attala Co., Miss., age 46 (1864)

Wallace, W.P., age 28 (1864), Madison Co., Miss., born in Autauga Co., Alabama

Walls, Thomas, Newton Co., Miss.

Walters, J.H., Yalobusha Co., Miss.

Watkins, M., Newton Co., Miss.

Watts, W.C.

Weathersby, D.B., Simpson Co., Miss.

Weathersby, James T., born in Lawrence Co., Miss., age 39 (1864), tanner

Webb, James S., Amite Co., Miss., age 21 (1864)

Webster, I.M., Smith Co., Miss.

Week, J.T., Madison Co., Miss.

Weine, J.B., Amite Co., Miss.

Weise, A.J., Hinds Co., Miss.

Wellows, B.H., Holmes Co., Miss.

Welman, T.H., Copiah Co., Miss.

Wendell, Thomas N., Lafayette Co., Miss.

Wheeler, B.F.

Whelers, I.C., Carrollton, Miss., age 35 (1864)

West, S., Wayne Co., Miss.

Westberey, W.L., Rankin Co., Miss.

Wetherly, J.B., Clarke Co., Miss.

Wheless, Josiah A., Carroll Co., Miss., age 38, born in N.C.

White, I.B., Chickasaw Co., Miss.

White, S.F., Wilkerson Co., Miss.

White, T.C., Monroe Co., Miss., age 26 (1864), born in Georgia, physician

Wiggins, Thomas I., Noxubee Co., Miss.

Wiginton, T.R., Smith Co., Miss.

Wilkerson, E.W., Attala Co., Miss., age 35 (1864)

Wilkerson, F.W., age 38 (1864)

Wilkins, R.F., Smith Co., Miss.

Wilkinson, D.W., Brandon, Miss.

Willes, R., Brandon, Miss.

Williams, A., Newton Co., Miss.

Williams, J.C., Noxubee Co., Miss.

Williams, M., Clarke Co., Miss., age 29 (1864), born in Alabama, merchant

Williams, R.M., Attala Co., Miss.

Williams, S.M., Rankin Co., Miss.

Williamson, W.W.M., Newton Co., Miss.

Willkins, J.R., Yalobusha Co., Miss., age 23 (1864)

Willunn, Anderson, Newton Co., Miss.

Wilson, L.D., Newton Co., Miss.

Wilson, William

Wood, C.W., Madison Co., Miss.

Woodfin, John S.

Woods, James, Wilkinson Co., Miss.

Word, David H., Columbus, Miss.

Wray, J.S., Choctaw Co., Miss., age 31 (1864), born in N.C., farmer

Wright, B.L.H., Carroll Co., Miss.

Yeager, C., Clarke Co., Miss.

Yohecton, E.F., Simpson Co., Miss.

Zachary, R.R., Copiah Co., Miss.