A letter to the Governor of Mississippi signed by Condrey, attached to this list, is dated Aberdeen, Miss., May 12, 1862, and says the company was "formed by me and mustered in according to law on the 12th of April, A.D. 1862." This company was also known as the Bull Mountain Invincibles.

Adkins, William

Aldridge, J.

Arthur, T.G.

Askew, Riley

Ballard, A.J.

Ballard, I.A.

Barnes, J.B.

Barron, J.M.

Barron, J.W.

Belk, R.D.

Belue, J.

Bishop, E.A.

Brewer, William

Buroughs, Ben J.

Buroughs, J.A.

Buroughs, Steven

Byford, Benjamin

Cantrell, A.

Carnes, W.A., 1st Sergeant

Carpenter, F.

Cashion, J.

Chaffin, William

Clayton, John

Condrey, C.F., Captain

Contrell, R.

Davis, J.

Deconter, M.F.

Downs, Joseph

Duke, Seaborn

Dunham, W.J.

Dupree, R.

Emberson, James

Emberson, Russel

Embeson, J.R.

Files, R.B.

Finch, F.M.

Gaggins, C.M.

Gilliland, G.

Goggins, A.T.

Gogins, John

Harris, C.

Hartsfield, L.

Henson, S.C.

Hodge, Thomas

Hoffman, Samuel

Jaggers, G.

Jeffers, John

Jeffers, Thomas

Jones, B.F.

Jones, James

Jones, J.B.

Jones, J.T.

Kenada, Thomas C., 3rd Sergeant

Lawhon, John, 1st Lieutenant

Lawhon, N.

Lester, Henry, 2nd Corporal

Lewis, W.M.

Lindsey, James, 2nd Sergeant

Lindsey, Thomas, 4th Sergeant

Lockridge, Lafayette

Martin, W.F.

Maze, G.L.

McCurley, T.

McDagle, John

McDonald, R.A.

McRay, Kennet

Mitchel, William

Mize, J.E.

Moore, J.L.

Myrer, A.

Myres, W.

Nichols, Morgan

Nolen, Irvin

Northington, A.J., 2nd Lieutenant

Northington, F.M., 2nd Lieutenant

Northington, Levi

Northington, William

Paterson, William

Pearce, A.C.

Pollard, H.F., 3rd Corporal

Post, William

Ried, William

Ried, Lovick

Riggs, H.

Riggs, T.J.

Robeeson, James

Roberson, G.

Roberson, John

Roberson, Matthew

Roller, G.

Roper, J.T.

Roper, W.C.

Shootts, McCarty

Shotts, Jobis

Shotts, T.

Shotts, William

Simpson, William

Smith, B.M.

Smith, T.F.

Smith, W.J.

Stell, J.W.

Stone, J.A.

Stone, T.

Stone, William S.

Stout, John

Stuart, J.S.

Sweat, J.

Tarver, W.

Thompson, E.

Todd, B.A.

Tyler, J.F.

Tyler, John

Tyler, William

Weeks, James

West, John A.

West, L.B.

Wigington, P.M.

Wood, J.T.

Woolbright, E.W.

Woolbright, J.M.

Woolbright, S.W.