The ages and occupations of many of these men are identified.

Banks, V.S., 50

Barnes, J.C., Captain, 37, Previously discharged from the C.S.A.

Bell, Isaac, civil officer

Berry, Denson, civil officer

Bishop, David, civil officer

Bridgers, R., Corporal, 30

Brown, D.F., 47, Physician

Brown, John M., 60

Bush, Isaac, Sergeant, 55

Chandler, W.D., 60

Clark, T.C., Minister

Eagan, M., 42, Physician

Grubbs, Peter

Harper, S.J., substitute in C.S.A.

Hemphill, J.L., 52

Hogg, H.M., Previously discharged from the C.S.A.

Hubbard, T.B., 45, Previously discharged from the C.S.A.

Jones, Benjamin, 36, Previously discharged from the C.S.A.

Magee, Willis, Sergeant, 46

Mangum, A.J., Corporal, 47

May, William, 50

Mendenhall, T.L., Circuit Court Clerk

Norwood, William, 35, Exempt as tanner

Odom, C.D., 47

Owens, E., 62

Shivers, W.R., Sergeant, 50

Southwood, R., 60

Thames, T.M., exempt

Thornton, T.B., 60

Thurman, Hugh, 49

Tolar, William, 61

Touchstone, J.P., 3rd Lieutenant, Probate Judge

Tullis, William, 1st Sergeant, 46

Walker, G.W., 1st Lieutenant, 30, substitute in C.S.A.

Weathersby, D.B., Corporal, Previously discharged from C.S.A.

Weathersby, Owen, 52

Webster, G.H., 47

Williams, G.W., 46

Williams, William, 52

Williamson, E.M., 45, Previously discharged from C.S.A.

Wood, Joseph, 46

Zelverton, Jesse, 51

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