Holloway's Cavalry was utilized as an escort/bodyguard company for several Confederate Generals. The unit was also known as the Crocheran Light Dragoons, Captain Smith's Escort Company and Holloway's Light Dragoons.

From the "Confederate Veteran" magazine, Volume XXXII, Number 11, November, 1929: "WANTS TO HEAR FROM OLD COMRADES - J.T. Webster writes from Fort Worth, Tex., Box 74, Polytechnic: "I enlisted at Pleasant Hill, Ala., early in the fall of 1861, in R.W. Smith's company of cavalry, made up of volunteers from Wetumpka to Mobile, along the Alabama River. After the battle of Shiloh, E.M. Holloway became our captain and continued in command to the close of the war. We were taken by General Braxton Bragg for his escort, or couriers, for battle of Shiloh, and continued as such during the time he commanded the Tennessee Army, then with Gen. Joseph E. Johnston in his campaign from Dalton to Atlanta; then with Gen. John B. Hood in the battles around Atlanta and his ill-fated campaign into Tennessee; then again with General Joseph E. Johnston, who we followed into North Carolina and surrendered with him at Greensboro, April 26, 1865. I was in all campaigns and battles of the Tennessee Army from Shiloh to the surrender. I should be glad to hear from anyone who served with me in this command"

Note: One roll dated 19 November 1861 contained the age of the members of the unit. Where the age is provided, it was obtained from this roll unless otherwise stated.

Adkins, John F., Artificer, age 43

Akridge, Levi, age 21, discharged for disability 6/12/1862

Alexander, John P.

Allred, Alfred, age 27

Allred, James, age 23

Allred, Lemuel, deserted 10 December 1863

Allum, William, Sergeant, age 25

Anderton, Pleasant M.

Armstrong, Robert W., age 27

Arnold, James M., age 27 on roll dated 24 June 1864

Austill, W. Jerry, discharged for disability 16 May 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi

Bailey, Allen

Barnett, Thomas A., died 16 January 1862 in hospital

Baxter, Alexander E., age 25

Bender, Julius C.

Bevans, James M., age 17 on roll dated August 1864

Bevans, John W., transferred from 31st Alabama Infantry Regiment

Billingslea, John

Blair, James O., age 30, discharged for disability 1 May 1862

Bonner, James

Boyd, John, discharged for disability

Boyd, William

Boyd, William E., Sergeant, discharged for disability 30 June 1862

Bradford, Joseph W.

Brittian, James S.

Bryant, Ambrose S.

Bryant, James D.

Bryant, James Dorsett, age 30, discharged for disability 12 May 1863

Bryant, William M.

Burgess, James, Sergeant

Burgess, John

Byrd, David C., age 17, deserted and took Oath of Allegiance. Released North of the Ohio River for duration of the War

Byrd, William, 40 died in hospital at Corinth, Mississippi 2 May 1862

Cain, Robert M., 2nd Lieutenant, age 31, discharged for disability 11 June 1862

Callen (Cullen), George M., age 20, wounded in the leg at Shiloh

Campbell, R. Augustus, age 28, discharged for disability 17 January 1862. Born in Crawford County, Georgia

Canterberry, Crawford R., 2nd Lieutenant

Carmichael, Fleming J., detailed with Chief Enginner, Department of Tennessee

Chamblee, James, age 22, discharged for disability 14 April 1862

Clarke, Francis M., 17, detailed as a nurse at Bell Hospital, Rome, Georgia. Returned to command 31 July 1863

Clarke, Wilson D., age 41, discharged 11 November 1862

Cochran, John A.D., farrier, age 20

Cole, Benjamin

Cowdean, John P.

Craig, John S.

Craig, Robert E., wounded in hand at Shiloh, 6-7 April 1862

Cravey, Henry P., age 19

Cravey, John Z., trandferred to 2nd Alabama Cavalry Regiment

Crawford, William D., age 25, discharged 21 March 1862

Crum, Benjamin D, 3rd Lieutenant, age 28

Daniels, James, age 19, discharged for disability 19 February 1862

Davidson, John W., age 34, discharged for disability 11 June 1862

Davis, John, transferred to Garrity's Battery by Special Order 37/7

Deavers, Wilson B.

Donaldson, Carroll S., age 19

Donaldson, George A.

Doss, James Porter, age 18

Dudley, Edward A.

Dudley, Jeremiah S.

Duke, James B., 3rd Lieutenant, age 32, discharged for disability 11 July 1862

Duncan, William B.

Eby, Samuel K., farrier, age 35

English, Cassander J.

English, Charles A., age 23, discharged 3 March 1862 by substitution

English, George M., age 17

Farish, Robert M., discharged for disability 21 June 1862

Finch, Charles A.

Finlayson, Angus B., Corporal, age 23

Ford, James, Captain, age 25

Foster, Thomas B., age 32

Fox, Tillitson, Sergeant, age 30, made application for duty in the "Engineer's Provisional Army" based on his experience as a railroad engineer.

Garnett, James J., discharged for disability 19 February 1862

Garrott, George O., Sergeant, discharged for disability 30 June 1862

Garrott, J.J., age 22

Garrott, William A., discharged for disability 22 April 1864

Garrott, William P., age 24

Gilliam, Samuel

Granger, Hiram, age 41, discharged for disability 25 January 1862

Graves, Johnson, age 22, muster roll for May/June 1862 states the he died in a hospital in Mississippi

Griffin, Robert H., age 26

Griffith, Thomas J.

Guerarddie, Bertram D.M.

Hall, Alexander K.

Hall, Charles D.

Hardy, Thomas J., age 17

Hill, John C.

Hill, Judge A., age 21, died 29 May 1862 in hospital in Mississippi

Hinds, Byrum W., Corporal

Hinds, Claiborne W.

Holloway, Edwin M., Captain, age 36, elected Captain from Sergeant 26 May 1862 and took command 12 June 1862

Honeycutt, Hanson

Honeycutt, John W., age 28

Hunt, Eugenius B.

Hunter, Samuel J., age 34, discharged for disability 19 May 1862

Ingram, Shem T., age 19, discharged for disability 19 February 1862

James, Belton Oneal

James, Robert D., age 24, discharged for disability 12 June 1862

Jones, Paul J.C., age 23

Jones, Wade H., age 26, discharged 23 June 1862 by substitution

Jones, William L.

Keeney, Timothy J., age 32

Kenan, Michael J., 1st Lieutenant, discharged for disability 11 June 1862

Kennedy, John, age 23

Killam, Henry E.

Kyser, George W.

Labarre, A. Lacashire (Louis)

Lang, William W.J.

Latourette, David S.

Lee, William J.

Levain, Thos., wounded in arm at Shiloh

Lewis, Edward, discharged for disability 1 July 1862

Lide, Edward C.

Lide, Joseph

Locke, William A., discharged for disability 20 June 1862

Luke, Joseph

Mann, Sidney H., age 19

Marshall, William F., enlisted 1 July 1864, age 16

Martin, John P., age 18, discharged 10 November 1862

Martin, Wiley W., age 26

Massey, Robert

Maxwell, Eugenus , age 20, died 30 April 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi. Born in Talbot County, Georgia. Survived by Elizabeth Maxwell, mother

Mayfield, Abraham, age 45, discharged 11 November 1862

McCall, J., age 24

McCall, Jehu

McCall, Solomon, discharged for disability 30 June 1862

McCook, Jasper.B.W.

McCook, John C.F.

McCrary, Charles F., age 19, wounded in leg at Shiloh, taken prisoner on the field yet his name appears on later muster rolls

McIver, Samuel B., transferred from 2nd Alabama Cavalry

McQuin, John

McSpadden, John P., age 35

Megan, Arthur F., age 18, discharged for disability 11 December 1861

Milhous, P. Walker, age 24, discharged for disability 2 May 1862

Miller, John M.

Mitchell, William, age 40, discharged for disability 3 May 1862

Montague, Henry, transferred to 17th Alabama Infantry Regiment 22 October 1862

Moody, William M., age 25, discharged for disability 26 May 1862

Moore, Augustus A.

Moore, John P.

Morrisette, Edward P.

Motley, Luke E., age 23

O'Neal, Jackson W., age 20, discharged for disability 30 June 1862 (Note: One W.J. O'Neal has records in this file which are dated after this discharge)

Packer, James T., discharged for disability 26 May 1862

Packer, Seneca H.

Packer, Thomas S.

Palmer, James W.

Pearson, Elias C., age 21

Pierson, Zachariah P.

Perry, James, age 32

Pettee, Verdry, Bugler

Phillips, Littleberry E.

Pirkey, J., age 39

Pirkey, Reuben, discharged for disability 3 February 1862

Pollard, Washington P., age 30, detailed to Quartermaster's Department, Montgomery

Powell, Henry C, age 18

Powell, James S., age 20, discharged for disability 20 April 1862

Reaves, Hunter B., age 32

Reynolds, Benjamin, 1st Sergeant

Rice, Joseph A., transferred to Selden's Battery 11 November 1864

Roberts, George L., age 31

Roden, J. Carter, age 45, discharged for disability 9 December 1861

Rodgers, Benjamin, S., teamster and forage master

Roller, John B., age 41, discharged for disability 1 July 1862

Rowell, Francis, died 26 January 1862 in hospital

Rowell, George W., age 22, died 12 May 1862 in hospital at Corinth, Mississippi

Russell, M.C.

Russell, William J.

Ryan, William J., age 17, discharged for disability 26 May 1862 yet shown on later rolls

Saunders, Charles, Bugler

Scott, Houston, age 25

Scott, John, age 34, teamster

Scott, Maham

Sheppard, Francis L., age 22, discharged for disability 22 February 1862

Sheppard, Thomas, age 17, discharged foe disability 3 December 1861

Shomo, William J., age 21

Sively, James

Sively, Thomas O.

Sizemore, Alexander M.

Smiley, James J., 1st Lieutenent, age 32

Smith, Robert W., Captain, Promoted to Colonel

Smith, Sherrol

Staples, Henry C., age 18

Smyley, Seth R.

Smyly, James W., discharged for disability

Sommerville, Robert E.

South, William T.

Stallworth, Nicholas J.

Sturgis, Henry H., age 18, discharged for disability 22 January 1862

Suther, William C., age 30, discharged for disability 8 January 1862

Swan, James H., age 21

Swann, Thomas M., wounded at Shiloh

Tarrentine, James L.

Taylor, Allen J.

Taylor, Lud

Thomas, Cyrus A.

Thomas, James O.

Thomas, Jesse

Thomas, Reuben M., age 19

Tinch, Charles A.

Trigg, W.S., discharged for disability 11 December 1861

Underwood, John H., Corporal, age 19

Underwood, Sylvanus G.

Wade, William T., age 19

Walker, John J.

Ware, Henry M.

Warmsley, James, age 31

Warr, Charles F., age 20

Webster, Felix P.

Webster, John T., age 21

Webster, Robert E.

Widner, Francis M., age 33, died 16 October 1864 in Academy Hospital, Forsythe, Georgia

Williams, Charles H., age 22, wounded in arm at Shiloh

Williams John N., age 27

Williams, Louis S.

Williams, Warner

Wilson, Elijah P., age 20

Wise, William H., age 20, captured at Tyner's Station, Tennessee 23 November 1863. Sent to Rock Island, Illinois and released 21 June 1865

Womack, John F., 3rd Lieutenant, age 27, died 6 May 1862 at Mobile, Alabama

Youngblood, Peter E.

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