First Regiment; Formerly the 5th Regiment


Ages were provided on mustering documents of December 1861 and, when provided, are recorded on the rosters. Spelling is as it appears on the microfilm. Corrections will be made in a separate file on this site.

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Company A - Natchez Light Infantry, Organized 4 July 1861

Company B - Locke Houston Aids, Organized 25 November 1861

Company C - Reuben Davis Rifles, of Columbus, Organized 3 December 1861

Company E - Mississippi Confederates, Organized 6 December 1861

Company G - Chickasaw Rough and Readies, Organized 28 November 1861

Company H - Reuben Davis Rebels, of Ragsdale Springs, near Aberdeen, Organized 18 November 1861

Halfacre's Company - Winston Brothers, Organized at Webster, 27 November 1861

Company I - Kemper Blues, Organized 15 September 1861

Company K - Mississippi Boys, Organized at Corinth, November 30, 1861