Confederate Graves

George County, Mississippi

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The information provided below has been submitted by members of SCV Camp 1748, 9th Mississippi Cavalry, of George County, Mississippi.

Salem Cemetery: 30.59.77N, 88.47.38W

BLACK, John F., Co. A, 24th Mississippi Infantry, Salem Cemetery

COCHRAN, Edward L., Co. A, 3rd Mississippi Infantry, Salem Cemetery

Pipkins Cemetery: 30.59.86N, 88.46.90W

BRELAND, John W., Co. A, 4th Mississippi Cavalry

PIPKINS, Absalom, Co. A, 24th Mississippi Regiment, Oct. 16, 1842 – June 15, 1924

Leaf Cemetery: 31.01.63N, 88.48.21W

FAIRLY, A. K., Co. B, 3rd Battalion, Mississippi Infantry

McLENDON, Malcolm, Co. A, 9th Mississippi Cavalry

THOMPSON, William Wirt, CAPTAIN 24th Mississippi Infantry

One grave in Horse Pasture on private land near Leaf: 31.01.88N, 88.47.73W

GREEN, Richard W., Co. A, Lewis’ Battalion, Alabama Cavalry. (This marker was found by the landowner leaning against a huge old water oak and obscured by brush. Appeared to have been like that for many years. Members of SCV Camp 1748 had a small ceremony to re-set the stone near the tree and erected a metal fence around it to keep the livestock off of it. The first flag placed by the grave was eaten by a horse.

UNKNOWNS, Vernal Cemetery