Company F, 4th Mississippi Infantry

This roster was transcribed from the Works Progress Administration Source Documents for Calhoun County. Please send any biographical information about these men to:

Miscellaneous Information not found in the W.P.A. film

Sons of the South - Calhoun County

ADAIRE, F.M., Private

ADAIRE, T.N., Major - Colonel

ATKINS, H.R., Assistant Surgeon

BAYWELL, W.C., Private

BAILEY, H.L., Sergeant

BAILEY, W.P., Private

BALLINGER, B.D., Private

BARTON, W.D., Private

BENNETT, C.T., Private

BENNETT, J.T., Private

BENNETT, S.N., Private

BENNETT, T.K., Private

BLOUNT, William, Private

BOLDING, T.S., Private

BOUNDS, B.H., Sergeant

BOUNDS, R.M., Private

BOX, Hiram O.S., 3rd Lt.

BRANTLEY, J.A., Private

BRYAN, I.A., Private

BRYAN, J.H., Private

BRYAN, J.T., Private

BULLOCK, J.T., Private

BYARS, J.C., Sergeant

BYARS, P.G., Private

BYERS, C.C., Private

BYRD, T.O., Sergeant Quartermaster

CANNON, William, Private

CARTER, J.M., Private

CARTER, W.A., Sergeant

CHAPMAN, J.H., Private

CHAPMAN, R.L., Private

CHRESTMAN, L.T., Private

COOKE, W.A., Private

COOPER, I.B., Private

COUNTISS, R.C., Private

COVINGTON, W.D., Private

COZZART, Charles, Private

CROCKER, T.J., Private

CROCKER, W.B., Private

DENLEY, John, Sergeant

DONAHOO, Alexander, Private

DORAN, Miles, Private

DORNER, G.H., Private

DORROH, John, Private

DRAKE, Joseph, Colonel

DRISKELL, E.F., Private

ELLERD, James, Private

ENOCHS, E.R., Captain

EVANS, A.C., Private

EVANS, G.W.H., Private

EVANS, M.K., Private

EVANS, T.W., Private

FLIPPIN, Thomas E., Sergeant

FOSTER, Thomas F., Private

FOSTER, William, Private

FOX, Samuel, 1st. Lt.

FREEMAN, John T., Chaplain

FULLER, J.T., Private

GARITY, J.H., Private

GEE, Joseph J., 1st Lt. / Captain

GOWINGS, David, Corp.

GREEN, A.M., Commissary Sergeant

GRIZZELL, W.C., Private

HAMILTON, David, Private

HANNER, J.A., Private

HARDIN, J.M., Private


HASTINGS, J.M., Private

HAYNES, James M., Quartermaster

HENDERSON, Azor, Private

HENDERSON, G.W., Private

HOLLIS, Alexander, Private

JACKSON, H.T., Private

JONES, George W., Private

KILGORE, Peter, Private

KING, J.M., Private

LANDRETH, B.H., Private

LANGSTON, F.M., Private

LANGSTON, L.M., Private

LIDDELL, C.J., Adjutant / 1st. Lt.

LYLES, J.H., Private

MATHEWS, J.B.T., Sergeant

MAXEY, J.J., Private

MAXEY, M.J., Private

MCCORD, C.K., Private

MCCORD, J.T., Private

MCCORD, R.B., Private

MCCORD, Robert B., Private


MCGANLY, J.H., Corp.


MCGUIRE, H.W., Private

MCGUIRE, Weo, Private

MCGUIRE, W.T., Private

MCLAINE, G.B., Private

MCLANE, V.A., Private

MCPHAIL, David, Private

MCSWAIN, Jonathan, Private

MELTON, M.N., Private

MITCHEM, J.P., Private

MOORMAN, M.C., Private

MOORMAN, R.E.L., Private

MORGAN, M.S., Private

MORRIS, W.J., Private

MULLINS, S.W., Private

MURPHREE, B.F., Private

MURPHREE, T.M., Private

MURPHY, Charles T., Surgeon

MURPHY, R.M., Orderly Sergeant / Lt.

NELSON, Thomas P., Captain / Major

OWENS, John I., Private

PARKER, Aquilla, Private

PAYNE, D.C., Private


PILGREEN, Silas, Corp.

PILGREEN, Wyatt, Private

PUIL, R.L., Private

REAGAN, M.V., Corp.

REASONS, A.M., 3rd. Lt.

RICE, C.A., Surgeon

RICKMAN, E.W., Sergeant

ROBERTSON, W.B., Private

RYAN, Z.T., 2nd Lt.

SAUNDERS, John, Private

SHEPARD, C.D., Private

SHEPARD, J.D., Private

SHERIDAN, Timothy, Private

SHIRLEY, N.L., Private

SIMS, S.M., Private

SMITH, W.T., Sergeant

STAFFORD, F.M., Cadet / Act. Adjutant

STEWART, J.H., Private

STOVALL, H.T., Quartermaster Sergeant

STOVALL, W.D., Assistant Surgeon

STRODE, W.R., Surgeon

SUMNER, W.A., Captain

SWAPPER, Sanders, 2nd Lt.

TAYLOR, Eli, Private

TAYLOR, J.K., Corp.

TERRY, C.M., Private

TERRY, J.M., Private

TERRY, M.C., 4th Sergeant

TERRY, R.L., Private

TERRY, Walter, Private

TERRY, W,H., Private

THOMASON, D.R., Private

TURNER, J.B., Private

TURNER, T.B., Private

TURNER, W.A., Private

VANCE, J.N., Private

WARNER, J.M., Private

WHITE, H.F., Private

WHITE, M.P., Private

WHITE, W.C., Private

WILLIAMS, R.M., Commissary Sergeant

WILSON, T.R., 1st Sergeant / Assistant Surgeon

WINTERTON, Thomas, Private / Adjutant

WOODELL, E.W., Private

WOODELL, W.J., Sergeant Major

YOUNG, A.F., Private