Company D, 31st Mississippi Infantry

This Roster was transcribed from the Works Progress Administration Source Documents for Calhoun County. Please send any biographical information about these men to: or Robert Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins is is in the process of publishing a book on the history of the 31st and will gladly answer questions about this unit. He is interested in obtaining photos, letters, diaries, and biographical information concerning these men.

Miscellaneous information not found in the W.P.A. Source Documents

Dixie Rebels - Calhoun County

Adams, L.L.

Adams, W.H.

Adams, Wilks

Alexander, David H.

Arnold, William T.

Bagwell, C.

Bailey, Eli

Bailey, Richard M.

Bailey, Robert

Bailey, Thomas

Baker, Daniel

Baker, John

Barton, James B.

Barton, William H.

Beaseley, William H.

Beasley, John H.

Beasley, Julian, Corporal

Benson, W.C., Corporal

Berryhill, J.C., Corporal

Bevill, Allison, Corporal

Bevill, F.C., Corporal

Bevill, McNeal, Corporal

Booker, Jeter A., Sergeant

Booker, Thomas F.

Brasher, John T.

Broom, Ivan C., 2nd Lieutenent

Broom, James F., Sergeant

Brown, David C.

Brown, Henry F.

Brown, Jesse N.

Brown, Thomas D.

Brown, W.G.

Cain, F.M.

Cain, Giles L.

Caine, James T.

Carter, Stephen S.

Chandler, Josephus D.H.

Cobb, Peter M.

Coker, Lafayette

Coker, Thompson W.

Cook, James H.

Coomer, James A.

Counters, D.W.

Counts, Julius

Cowker, Abner B.

Crocker, Elias M.

Crosswell, H.N.

Davis, James M.

Day, Dewitt C.

Day, Jonathan J.

Dickey, J.E.

Dickey, Joel D.

Douglass, T.S.

Downs, D.L., 1st Sergeant

Dunham, B.F.

Edwards, John C.

Edwards, Thomas J.

Falkingburry, G.F.

Falkingburry, H.N.

Falkingburry, W.J.

Faughn, W.H.

Franks, A.J.

Fuller, Benj. H.

Fuller, B.H.

Gates, Geo. T.

Gillespie, F.M., Major

Gore, John A.

Gore, John W.

Grammar, Benj. F.

Grammar, Jos. W.

Green, Henry W.

Griffin, James T.

Griffin, Thomas A., Sergeant

Hair, William C.

Haire, John M., 2nd Lieutenant

Haire, Julius A.

Hardin, James W., Corporal

Hardin, Micage B.

Hellum, John H., Corporal

Henderson, Isaac

Higgins, D.J., Sergeant

Howard, 1st Sergeant

Hudson, Isaac

Hudson, W.B., 1st Lieutenant

Hunt, Thomas W.

Hunt, Willis H.

Ivy, R.N.

Kane, T.H.

Kennedy, Andrew J., Lieutenant

Knight, And. J., Sergeant

Knight, John H.

Kyle, James M.

Kyle, William P.

Landreth, John L.

Landreth, Robert J.

Lyles, T.J., 1st Lieutenant

McAdams, Thomas L.

McCulley, Isiah

McDade, J.A.

McEwen, Francis M., Sergeant Major

McFarland, William

Miller, F.E., Q.M.S.

Mims, Bart W.

Morgan, Steven B., Corporal

Mussick, G.M.

Olinger, James D.

Oliver, Samuel

Owen, Alexander W.

Powell, Hudson J.

Powell, Sanford D., Captain

Pruett, Benj. F.

Ragland, F.M.

Ray, James M.

Reader, William J.

Reagan, Thomas B., Sergeant

Reane, T.H.

Richards, Daniel M.

Robertson, W.B.

Ross, James F., Corporal

Russel, Walter S.

Sartain, Joel

Sartain, John

Savage, Joshua

Seale, James P.

Smith, Clark, Corporal

Spradling, William J.

Stacy, Geo, P.

Stacy, Isaiah D.

Stacy, Miles Henry

Stacy, William

Steele, Moses, Sergeant

Stephens, M.D.L., Colonel

Steward, J.W.E.

Stewart, Anderson A.

Stewart, Jasper N., Corporal

Stribbling, Benj. H.

Stribling, Mathew C.

Stribling, R.C.

Summers, William M.

Sutton, Nathan

Sutton, William

Talent, Solomon

Taylor, Thomas N.

Truss, Josiah

Trusty, B.L.

Tucker, Cornelius R.

Turner, William M.

Vanwinkle, James B., Corporal

Washington, J.C.

Wilson, James L., 2nd Lieutenant

Wilson, William M.

Wull, J.H.