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Many of those who served in the 27th died in Northern prisoner of war camps. Many others deserted, and often, joined the armed forces of the enemy. Others took the Oath of Allegiance and simply went home. But above all, most served in defense of the South and fulfilled their obligations to their homeland.

I've tried to include as much relevant information concerning these types of actions as is identified in the microfilm (Series M311). If a soldier's record indicates that he returned after deserting or that he was a prisoner of the enemy, yet considered a deserter, any reference to desertion has been omitted.

Union sentiment was very strong in some areas where members of the 27th were recruited. 239 men from Winston County, Alabama joined the Union forces; 91 joined the Confederate Army.

Spelling is as it appears on the film. Without any doubt, some of the names are spelled incorrectly. Spelling corrections will be made in the "Miscellaneous Information" link.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my Great Great Grandfather, Richard Elliott Payne, who served honorably in Company D of the 27th.

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